Margaret Lindsey said, “This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow’s happiness grow.” This is wonderful marriage help.

 Why not seize this moment and decide to become the seed from which your relationship can become happier than it is right now.

 How can you do this? By taking responsibility for how you are in your relationship…become selfish…not to hurt or exclude your loved one but by loving yourself.

 Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I   l o v e   y o u”…say it slowly and mean it…this might take practice. I found saying “I Love You” to myself difficult when I first tried it. You might find yourself unable to say “I love you” or you might say it without meaning…but say it you must! Keep saying it until you start to believe it…really look into your eyes…they are the window to your soul.

You are a soul in a body…you are not your body…you are not your feelings either but you have feelings…you are not your mind but you have a mind…you are so much more. You are just borrowing these for the duration of this life time so put them to good use.

Reach out with your body to your loved one…tell him/her how you feel eg “I feel….” Always start with “I”. Do you know, there are so many people who find it so difficult to talk about themselves and use “I”. I have heard so many clients say “You this” and “You that” when they really mean “I this” and “I that”. You really are important you know…you are allowed to talk about you and your feelings.

So how will this help rekindle the magic in your relationship? As you love yourself more you will attract more love…try it. You are role-modelling for your loved one to love you more and you are giving him/her permission to love themselves more too. So gradually you will increase the love in your relationship. Oh, and you must love them too and tell them.  I can’t remember the exact words but a child asked “What does love mean” answered “Love is when you keep telling someone you love them because people forget.”

If it’s true for you , do it…if it’s not true, do it anyway. We are so quick to blame or criticise…wouldn’t it be wonderful to say beautiful words instead. Or at the very least hold those loving words in your mind when you are with your loved one.

Enjoy doing this.

by Anita Jackson,

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February 19, 2007

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