Do You Want Unconditional Love Like Jennifer Alba?

May 23, 2007

Actress Jessica Alba wants her marriage to be based on “unconditional love”.  She is aware that there will be the normal everyday ups and downs but she wants to be committed forever to whomever she marries. She was taught this by her parents who believe you should stick through the downs and not just the ups.As a love wizard who gives honest guidance, I wholeheartedly believe that unconditional love is the most important factor in a marriage and this has to start with loving ourselves. By loving ourselves we have more love to give and by giving much love, we receive back love. Just imagine your loved one giving you loads of love…I hope you would receive it with open arms and an open heart…I know I would just glow inside and feel full up and want to share this wonderful love with my loved one…its not batting it away and feeling unworthy of it but lapping it up and knowing that by feeling full-up with love we can give more back and then more comes back to us…try it. This is the Law of Attraction.

When there are downs we have to remember that life goes in cycles and that there will always be an up…all we have to do is ride this cycle…go with the flow and believe there will be an up…in fact, focus on a previous up that you would like to go through again.

Jessica also admitted that she was not the easiest person to be with as her life is not conventional and she’s away a lot. The away periods may cause a down in a marriage but it is so important to follow our own path and achieve our own goals as well as having a life together. There must be enough together moments and of course that would depend on you as a couple as to what would be right for each of you. Everyone is different and has their own wants and needs, that’s why we don’t all want the same person and some people need more space than others! (c) copyright 2007 Anita Jackson, author of “Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship ~ Making Love


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