What You Focus on in Your Relationship is What You Get

September 13, 2007


“How does a person regain the butterflies in the stomach that was there when my husband and I first me?”

Answer:Set aside some time…up to an hour…to do this.
Sit comfortably, close your eyes, relax and follow your breathingUsing your imagination…

(you don’t have to be able to see…you have five senses…use as many as you are able to right now…all you really need is to have a sense of what I’m asking you to do)Go back in time to that moment of feeling the butterflies in your stomach when you first met your husband
Allow the image or sense of that time to become stronger

You may have a picture of yourself on the TV screen of your mind
or as I have already said, just a sense of it

If you are willing, step into the image of yourself…even if you only have a sense of it…just like an actor stepping into a role on the stage

Notice if your husband is with you or not
Notice where you are…your environment…what you are wearing…what you have on your feet

Notice the butterflies…where are they in your body
What do the butterflies feel like and how is your body?
Are you standing, sitting or lying down

How are you in your body..tense or relaxed?
Once you’re really in touch with the butterflies, make the feeling and body language bigger (it’s a bit like overacting)

Now make the feeling and body language even bigger
Repeat this once more
Hold this image…freeze it

You might want to touch a part of your body that will help you recall this image

From this place, turn and face yourself (the space where you were originally)
And tell self what he/she needs to know about feeling the butterflies again

Step back into self and receive the message
Now say out loud the one small thing you are going to to in order to get back in touch with the butterflies in your stomach

When you are ready and not before… slowly come back into the room and open your eyes
Take in the room and surroundings…make sure you are really present

Now you can recall this image at any time by just using your imagination and memory and/or by touching that part of your body…as you did in the imagery

Please feel free to ask me your relationship question here.

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