How Does Energy Work?

September 25, 2007

I have been asked this question:

Does such a thing as a soulmate who is 110% compatible with you, really exist or can you only find someone who is 70%?

My Answer to the question is:

Well, I would say be drawn by energy…don’t go for looks because they change, don’t go for those for excite you sexually…this changes…go by energy…go by your intuition, your gut feeling, from your heart, your sense…become friends…get to know each other first. Then you can build the relationship.

When I talk about builidng, you must put energy into it. All relationships need energy put into them too…you just must. If your relationship is high on your values list, you’re going to put energy into it. If it’s low down, then you’re not going to put energy into it. But you have too…you won’t succeed otherwise.

No 1’s Reply:

So you must come from the heart and not the eyes then.

My Response:


No 2’s Response:

How do you get past that initial stage because I’ve never been attracted to anyone initially through their energy, ever, because I’ve seen them across the room first or I’ve seen them from a distance first.

My Reply:

I bet it was energetic.

No 3’s Question:

You mean we might not be aware of it…is that what you’re saying?

No 4’s Response:

Yes that’s spiritual awareness or something…

My Reply:

You may or may not believe in this but…I see metaphorically a universal unconditional link between everybody…you don’t even have to see them, to have a spiritual link…a connection wth someone the other side of the world. 

I had a dream about my son when he wasn’t talking to me…I was in Greece at the time and he was in England. I find dreams very powerful and I work with them…I looked at this one to see what it meant for me, I realised what was going on between us and was able to put it right in the dream. 2 weeks after I returned home, I received a phone call from my son…he phoned me “out of the blue”…I was looking at our relationship there…he was receiving it here and it happened.

No 2’s Response:

Yes, it’s just like the butterfly effect.

My Response:

Yes I do think we look at someone and think he or she’s a bit of all right and yes, I do think there has to be something…however, look at Beauty and the Beast. It’s not always looks, it’s not always sex…it can be. I have a friend who went to bed with her husband right away and they’re still together and flourish…there’s no right or wrong. But from what I understand and after talking to many people…it’s going on – happening on an energetic level.

No 5’s Response:

Yes, I came back from abroad and needed to get a job…a friend told me about one…I went to an interview but wasn’t bothered about the job…there were 2 guys there – one foreign and another, English…I’ve been with the English one ever since – 28 years.

My Response:

It was on an energetic level.

No 5’s Reply:


My Response:

And I think that’s what we do when we’re networking…

No 1’s Response:

Well, that’s how I met Anita (me)…I went to Akasha and so did Anita…I went to listen to the speakers…I was introduced to Anita through a mutual friend and I wasn’t expecting to meet someone like her that I could introduce to my friends in this kind of forum. So it’s qutie strange how this works out and I think that the thing.

My Response:

On another level I went there, not for the speakers, but to network…I knew I was going to meet someone important there and I met you and as a result, the rest of you.

No 6’s Response:

About 4 years ago I was running a training course for air disaster with about 300 participants…there was a 10 day exercise…on the 8th day…I met this lovely girl…2 weeks later I proposed to her and we got married a year after. And the funny thing is…you know how families-in-law get against each other somehow. Well, the thing here is that between the 2 families, they planned our wedding within 3 months. Out of 300 odd people, how did I meet that one person? It just happened…you know about energy.

My Response:

What appears even more weird is that my phone rang yesterday and it was a chap who I hadn’t seen for 10 years…he still had my number on his phone and he’d pressed it by mistake…we reconnected, not because we needed to see each other again…but certainly I needed to see where I had come from…how I had changed and moved on and achieved so much.

Then it happened again by a friend who I’ve meant to call for a while and haven’t…I was being reminded to keep in touch with my friends…so I did…I phoned her. And what’s really interesting is that she could be a useful contact for one of you.

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