“How Do We Find Time to Spend Together in the Midst of A Busy Lifestyle – Work, Building a Business, Children, etc?” Pamela

October 21, 2007

“How Do We Find Time to Spend Together in the Midst of A Busy Lifestyle – Work, Building a Business, Children, Housework, etc?” Pamela

You have to make time…it really is important to do this and I’m sure you know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking this question.

Start visioning yourself spending time together…

What do you both enjoy?
Where to you both like to go?

There may be other questions you could ask yourself.

Whatever the answers are, make a list of them and start seeing yourself and your loved one doing and enjoying those things.

Step into the picture/vision and feel the emotions you would have doing and enjoying these things…notice how your body feels as well…notice what you’re wearing and what you have on your feet…what can you smell, taste, touch, hear…embody everything through your senses.

The “How” will take care of itself when you see it as a MUST.

On the practical side…allocate time to work, building a business, housework, etc…if you work from home, make sure you close the door behind you at a certain time…employ a cleaner. These ideas might not fit for you however they may give you something to think about. But you must do something different…doing the same, will only achieve the same results.

Although wonderful, children do challenge a relationship, especially time together alone…depending on their ages, maybe arrange a day (or a weekend would be even better) when each of them can spend that time with a friend (and their family, if necessary) or with your family or your loved one’s, if they don’t live too far away. At the very least, get a babysitter and go out for the evening.

I believe it is important to spend time away from the home and workplace. Otherwise it is very easy to get caught up in the everyday stuff.

Before I had children, my husband and I would sit in the car and talk or go to a restaurant because once we got inside the house, other things took over. After we had our wonderful children, it all went wrong…we didn’t make the time…I certainly put the children first. There are times when we have to put them first and we must take time out for ourselves.

I hope this helps.

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