How do We Deal with the Amount of Time My Wife Spends with Her Family. I think she Spends Too Much Time with Them.

February 12, 2008

I imagine you miss your wife when she spends time with her family…if so…tell her…maybe go with her.

I also imagine your wife is close to her family and therefore wants to spend time with them.

If the time your wife spends spoils the time you would have had with her, I imagine you might feel jealous, hurt and/or lonely…tell her.

Always stay with how you feel emotionally ie “I feel (hurt) when you spend so much time with your family and what I would like you to do is (to spend more time with me)” …substitute the bracketed words with whatever is right for you.

By speaking like this, you take responsibility for how you feel and are not blaming your wife…I don’t imagine for one moment that she wants to do anything to you…she just wants to see her family.

Of course, there may be other reasons why your wife sees her family a lot — in your eyes — so talk with her…understand why she goes a lot.

Maybe you could take her out more…suggest doing things together…not to keep her away from her family but so she wants to spend time with you…there are many ideas in my book “Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship ~ Making Love Work”.

It’s Valentine’s Day on Thursday…make sure you do something special with her.

If it’s possible, maybe your wife could see her family when you’re not at home.

Whatever you do please remember, you must always communicate with each other.

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