Rekindle Your Love

August 7, 2007

I was reading this article of news today

And felt really sad that this could happen to people. For me, falling in love is the most wonderful happening. At the same time, I am aware that I get butterflies, can feel sick, can lose weight (smile), and this man keeps popping into my head.

So do you get as stressed and sick as this article says?

I was also thinking… this would be another excellent reason to stay in the relationship you have and Make Love Work. The grass is never greener…you just take the issues of your present relationship into your new one. It is normally only a matter of time before they show up. 

Of course, if you love yourself and work on yourself … getting help with changing the way you react to certain things your loved one does and/or says and/or doesn’t do and/or doesn’t say, then you can move on and have a new relationship that works. However, and more importantly, you can stay in the relationship and Rekindle the Magic.

I know which I would prefer to do…and wish I had been more aware of myself, my feelings and my husband so that I could have changed the way I reacted to him. I wish I had noticed how enraged I was because of the childhood sex abuse. I could have done something different. However there wasn’t the help out there that there is today. That’s why I wrote my book and work with clients and participants to help them have the relationship they tryly want.

People didn’t talk about what was going on for them then. Thank goodness more people are willing to take responsibility and do something about how they feel and act.

I wish I had had more self love as I believe this would have attracted more love from my husband. And I would have had more love to give him.

Wishing you a Wonderful Loving Relationship.Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship so that you can Make Love Work and look for my next FREE teleseminar… “Rekindle Your Love”… go to to sign up and receive a FREE chapter of my book PLUS weekly relationship help and hot tips. You will also find the recording of my interview on the BBC.

(c) copyright 2007 Anita Jackson, author of “Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship ~ Making Love Love Wizard Provides Honest Guidance and Reveals The Secret You Must Know to Completely Transform Your Relationship to its Highest Potential